About Us

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The firm was established in 1990 by Phil Enright to offer the much needed integrated approach to management, marketing and communications - a need no less acute today than it was over 20 years ago.
Working at the 'coal face' and in senior management roles in the corporate, media and ad agency worlds, gave Phil a unique insight into the dynamics at work which caused many corporations to fail to fulfil their potential, seriously undermining shareholder value.

In the 1970's Phil worked 5 years with the Nine Network, during which time he produced a national 'Rock Show' and budget and election specials, sponsored by clients who chose not to employ the services of advertising agencies. He then moved on to the role of General Manager and Director, Marketing Services Ogilvy& Mather, where, in 1978 he won the David Ogilvy Award for Strategic Planning. 1979-81, he managed a group of companies in Western Europe.

1981-89, as Director of Clemenger BBDO and Director of Marketing Services/General Manager of Garnsey Clemenger (Brisbane), Phil recognised the prevailing business model was highly ineffective in meeting client needs. During this time he won the BBDO International, Tom Dillon Award.

Specifically, Phil recognised the disconnect between client's marketing departments and operational areas. A dependence on 'slick' ads and a failure to build values-based relationships with internal and external customers was undermining client outcomes to a substantial degree. Australian and international organisational research and experience has provided further confirmation of the effectiveness of this approach to unlocking sustainable performance and competitive advantage. By researching and linking customer and employee needs to organizational values, businesses can achieve real 'ownership' through a clear understanding of, and commitment to, these shared values.

In response to most organizations' rapidly changing environment, Enright Hendy & Partners also facilitates periodic reviews, realignment, and often, re-positioning of organisational strategies, systems and processes; all within the context of the agreed shared values to ensure organizational-wide cohesion and commitment.

Phil co-founded the Weary Dunlop Centre for Management and Applied Ethics, and was President, QLD Chapter and Federal Vice President, Institute Of Management Consultants between the years 2002 and 2009. He has been a Director of Hillbrook Anglican School, the PA Hospital Foundation and National Heart Foundation (Qld).

Clients to whom Phil has consulted include Ingham Enterprises, News Ltd, Microsoft, Qld Newspapers, BTQ Channel 7, Liberal Part of Qld, Caboolture Dairy Co-op./QUD/Dairy Farmers for whom he developed the long-successful, 'Bornhoffen' and 'Just Natural' brands, Lion Nathan and most recently Amcor, for whom Phil value-adds in their relationships with national food and beverage manufacturers such as Campbells, Kelloggs and Sanitarium via the Australian Recycled Packaging Campaign arc.ehp.com.au, the principal element of which is a national school's competition commenced in 1994.

Enright Hendy & Partners clients' industries include, finance, manufacturing and education; and organizations ranging from turnovers of $12 million/year to approximately $3 billion/year.