Amcor's ARC Campaign:

    Australian Recycling Competition
  • Community-based "cause" marketing - employing an on-going national schools competition distributed direct to schools and via Coles supermarkets- to promote consumer purchase of products packaged in Amcor's recycled cartonboard, motivating PGM` s (packaged goods manufacturers) to use the more environmentally sensitive cartonboard.
  • Expansive PR and student-produced CSA's (community service announcements) to further enhance retailer, consumer and PGM's commitment to Amcor's recycled cartonboard. This is supported by limited paid bus/tram advertising, purchased via OMD, Australia` s second largest media buying agency. A web site (, designed and constructed by Enright Hendy & Partners, is another vital element of the communications strategy to students while the audio visuals we have produced, are a key element of the communications to PGM's. Enright Hendy & Partners has created and manages databases of all marketing, product, packaging, production and purchasing managers of all packaged goods manufacturers in Australia, as well as all principals, art and music teachers of all schools in Australia.
  • Leading national identities such as Bryce Courtenay, the stars of Home and Away and Mikey Robbins have been enlisted by Enright Hendy & Partners on a voluntary basis to maintain the interest of all target markets and the media.
  • Unpaid CSA (community service advertising) valued in excess of $10 million have been enlisted from the media to secure the success of the campaign.
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  • At the conclusion of the first year of the Campaign, all business thought to be at risk prior to the Campaign (valued at over $10 million) had been retained. Subsequently, PGM's perceptions of, and interest in using recycled cartonboard packaging have risen substantially.
  • Although the initial briefing to competing agencies indicated the expectation of a conventional business and consumer media advertising approach, Enright Hendy & Partners chose the minimal use of paid media. As such, this campaign is highly unlikely to have been designed by a traditional ad agency. It is almost equally certain a paid advertising strategy (of any size) would have been unsuccessful. The campaign has been so successful it is now in its 6th year and is continuing to evolve and grow.