Bundaberg Brewed Drinks

An Example of a Great Product Combined with Effective Packaging to Create a Strong Brand, that was then Successfully Developed

  • Bundaberg Ginger Beer has been a long standing market success without any conscious marketing support. Our brief 7 years ago was to accelerate its market growth after it had been stagnating for the previous 2 years. As well, its range extensions and export endeavours had been unsuccessful. Market research to identify the key drivers of the brand's success (naturally brewed and highly refreshing) was carried out. This understanding was used to create a national, but limited outdoor and bus/tram campaigns over a 2 year period.
  • Route trade retailer promotions were designed to be executed with distributors to expand route trade distribution.
  • Subsequently, Enright Hendy & Partners carried out the BBDO research technique, Photosort, to define the brand's personality prior to undertaking this summer's TV Campaign and the upgrading of the packaging before the USA market launch and the test marketing of Diet Ginger Beer.
  • The domestic market consumer research also identified the brand was missing out on the "shared occasion" consumption because the product's wide popularity (2 out of 3 adults consume ginger beer at least occasionally) is not appreciated by those who consume it.
  • Defining the users of the brand for the first time in a TV Campaign can do more damage to a brand than no advertising.
  • Concurrent with the TV Campaign, POS and route trade consumer and retailer promotions have been developed to make the brand more visible to the consumer at POS. The brand's long standing stubbie and label are relatively invisible against the very colourful competition. But because the brand's positioning is so strongly determined by the pack, to change it significantly is not an option.

The initial 2 year outdoor and bus/tram campaigns achieved an average 30% per annum sales increase, largely due to the retailers' more positive perceptions of Bundaberg's professionalism gained as a result of the communication with them surrounding the Campaign.