12 Steps to Business Development Success

Step 1:
Have a set of goals and a plan.
"Beware of what you want, for you shall surely get it!"

Step 2:
"No" means not now - to the opportunity, not you! People don't mean "no", they mean "not now". What is important is that you are still there when it is the right time.

Step 3:
Define the Prospect Client or Partner with whom you wish to build a relationship. Good new prospects can look very like your current excellent clients. Ask yourself:
- What is it about your current clients that you like, in terms of their personalities and how they deal with you?
- What do your existing clients think of our service? (Talk to them and find out what they think.)
- Which of your existing clients are most profitable? Why are they profitable and how can you use this information to define similar prospects?
- What clients have you lost and why? This is an issue that you will want to face squarely and examine carefully. It's rare for people to hear what they don't want to hear. Have courage.
Ask, listen and learn. Building relationships slowly with contact over a period of time creates trust and takes away the sense of "This is going to hurt".

Step 4:
Make contact at least every 3 months.

Step 5:
Know what you offer.

Step 6:
Look like the business you want to be.

Step 7:
Sound like the business you want to be.

Step 8:
Be consistent. Do not confuse your clients and prospects with new sounds, new colours, new messages.

Step 9:
Be effective by making special continuous offers to develop the relationship.

Step 10:
Be organised.

Step 11:
Persistence pays.

Step 12:
Understand yourself.