Change Management

  • Quality or Sales Down, Downtime or Waste Up?
  • Staff Unmotivated, Unfocussed or Leaving?
  • Not Achieving Targets?
  • Business Acquisition/Integration & Change Needed?

The biggest barriers to achieving change in your staff's behaviour are:

  • Having staff, including your senior middle management, recognise the need for, and/or the nature of, the required change
  • Having them adopt the new behaviour and/or attitudes
  • Having them maintain the new behaviour and/or attitudes

Enright Hendy & Partners has developed and proven very effective change management strategies and processes. They rely upon your staff wanting your business to succeed so they may maintain their jobs.

While that does not form the basis of the communication to staff, the strategies rely upon your staff wanting to keep their jobs and do the right thing by their (your) customers - something you usually can rely upon!

We focus our strategies in three key areas:

  • Preparing the compelling, market-driven need for the required change in the business
  • Preparation and delivery of a Communications and Leadership Development Program designed to support your management in their need to create the kind of environment in which your staff feel motivated and committed to the success of your business
  • The design and implementation of strategies to achieve Continuous Process Improvement and very much greater cohesion within your workforce

Contact Phil Enright to find out more about how this extraordinarily powerful process tool can transform your organisation's performance. Phil will also offer testimonial references to show the effectiveness of these strategies.