Clubs Australia

An Example of an Effective PR-driven Public Interest Campaign

  • As a result of demonstrating its very thorough understanding of the dynamics of the Club and Hotel Industries, and the role of both and gaming in the lives of their many different market segments, Enright Hendy & Partners was selected by the CEO and Executive Director of Clubs Queensland to present its recommendations to the Board.
  • Through a levy on members and through Enright Hendy & Partners successfully generating sponsorship from suppliers to the Club Industry, we created a PR and phone/direct mail campaign to Members of Parliament to preserve the position of Queensland Clubs in the State's Gaming Industry. Enright Hendy & Partners created and utilised a database of all industry decision makers and influencers to facilitate and report to the Executive on all contacts. Member Clubs' Officers and members were also trained to lobby Members of Parliament and carry out their own local PR campaigns.
  • Mailings and phone contact with all decision makers and influencers were often commissioned and executed within 24 hours, with reports to the Executive and Board being provided as required.

The comparative positions of Clubs and Hotels in the Queensland Gaming Industry have been maintained and the visibility and status of Clubs Queensland and its members have been enhanced in the eyes of the key industry decision makers and their influencers.