After some early client disasters in export, we've learned the inescapable realities that, those new to export, ignore at their peril.

They are:

  • Unless you're selling super-premium global brands (Cartier, Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz, Calvin Klein or Yves St Laurent) or unbranded commodities, exporting into Eastern European or Asian markets will require total cultural customisation of your brand. And it will need to be re-worked for each market's culture.
  • Packaging regulations demand very careful pack copy adaptation across international borders. Import duties and sales taxes can be varied substantially according to the product's ingredients, as well as the product category.
  • You will need to have an established presence (direct or representative company) that is equally committed to your business and the market you are targeting.
  • The importance of progressively building stable distribution is no less (or even more) important than it is here in Australia.
  • Anyone promising to deliver up substantial distribution through personal contacts is almost certainly "hyping" the truth. There is no substitute for a professionally comprehensive and thorough approach to any distributor or retail group.
  • Finding a reliable PR operative with a proven track record in your industry category will be enormously beneficial.

While Enright Hendy & Partners can assist you through the above steps, it can actually provide you a relatively low cost path to cultural customisation of your product and brand, prior to market entry.

We can demonstrate how we do this using the very reliable Photosort Research methodology, developed by BBDO Worldwide and used extensively to manage the future of some of the most successful global cosmetic, food/beverage and cigarette brands.