Greenridge Botanicals MultiVital - A Highly Successful Product Concept & Launch

  • Market research was undertaken to understand the key to successfully position Greenridge Botanicals MultiVital against the heavily advertised competitive multi-vitamin brands. The market research has framed the product's concept, product brand naming and livery, pack design, pricing and communications strategy, all carried out against the product categories' competitive products and effectively replicating consumer decision-making processes. The cost of the research has been minimised by harnessing the involvement of retailers, which also ensures full retailer support at launch.
  • Enright Hendy & Partners has taken the marketing strategy from an umbrella brand strategy (Greenridge Botanicals) to strong product branding, confining the "Greenridge Botanicals" name to the corporate identity.
  • MultiVital pack design, limited brand advertising integrated with PR/sponsorship (utilising Reen Corbett) and retail POS.


  • From launch 4 years ago, MultiVital now comprises over 40 % of the company's sales, and Enright Hendy & Partners are utilised for the development of all new products to market, from research refining product conceptualising, through positioning, packaging, pricing and launch/ongoing communications support.
  • Subsequently Enright Hendy & Partners has developed two new products to market which are experiencing substantial success in their current launches.
  • The "strong product brand" strategy has also afforded the business protection from a series of very negative (and subsequently proven totally false) potentially devastating ACA television stories surrounding Greenridge Botanicals echinacea products.