Integrated E-Business

Including web sites and Customer Relationship Management

Enright Hendy & Partners can provide you with the technology to manage the relationships you have with each trade customer intermediary/influencer and potentially, end user - technology that utilises your own resources (sales personnel and client database) better, to both dramatically increase their productivity and effectiveness and reduce the costs of your marketing communication. The internet, a web site and a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM database and communications software) designed to achieve specific business, marketing and communications objectives are the important means of cost effectively creating and then nurturing these prospect/client relationships.

This process describes the very profitable and accountable "Relationship Marketing Strategy" which is attainable from any customer database, within or external to your organisation.

The primary requirement of any successful, sales generating response strategy is that it very intrusively moves your product or service into the lives of your potential consumers at a relevant time when they are at their most receptive, can consider your offer, and have appropriate mechanisms by which they can easily respond, without having to "go out of their way", or change their normal behaviour patterns.

Relationship Marketing allows you to relate "one-on-one" to your customers. Exactly like meeting them face-to-face, you are able to understand their individual reasons for coming to you in the first place, and therefore target your future communication more accurately to their specific needs.

The personal relationship with the consumer of the 1950's was taken out by the mass marketing of the 1960's & 1970's. Technology has restored the means to put it back in pride of place in the 1990's.

The Director of Advertising for mighty General Motors added the voice of a colossal advertiser when he redefined the company's desired relationship with consumers: "GM wants to deal with you as a buyer rather than as a collection of learn how to communicate with you on a one-to-one basis."

Nothing in the entire marketing armoury has greater power. Enright Hendy & Partners can present the armoury, its potential applications, and the strategic input.