Integrated Marketing

Technology is transforming choice, and choice is transforming the marketplace. As a result, we are witnessing the emergence of a new approach to the marketing discipline and practice. Thanks to technology, it is now possible to communicate "one-on-one" with your customers on a very large scale - an infinitely more effective process than the comparatively impersonal mass media advertising or "blanket-cover" direct mail options that marketing has relied on so heavily in the past.

The defining characteristic of this new technological push is "programmability" - thecapability to program software to collect, collate, classify and store information about individual customers in a way that allows us to more accurately select those people most likely to respond to a particular offer, at a time when they are most receptive to it.

Integrating the benefits of database technology with the various advertising and PR options, and sales productivity systems is enabling marketers to target their prime prospects more effectively and to communicate with them more efficiently.

Even more importantly, it allows businesses to build mutually-beneficial relationships with their customers that translate into strong brand loyalty.

Associate Professor of Business Administration at Harvard University, Rowland Moriarty, reports on the success of this new approach to marketing:

"Early adopters of Marketing and Sales Productivity Systems have gained superior competitive advantage. Compared with their "manual" competitors, they perform selling tasks with greater economy and impact. They know their customers better, and can tailor their sales communications to supply just the right amount of sales stimulus at just the right time. Overall they craft and control their marketing programs more intelligently……"

"In cases we have reviewed, sales increases arising form advanced marketing and sales information technology have ranged from 10% to more than 30%, and the investment returns have often exceeded 100% within 6 months."

At Enright Hendy & Partners, we have identified three major areas where strategies that integrate database technology with advertising and PR options and sales productivity systems can help small and large businesses adapt and look forward to the future with confidence.

Firstly, for retailers and service providers, we have sourced the interactive P.O.S. audio-visual hardware and software that are essential to cost-effectively meet customers' information and service needs. This area is currently being recognised as being a prime opportunity for attaining Sustainable Competitive Advantage.

Secondly, we also specialise in developing and implementing relationship marketing and sales productivity strategies. This option is now available at considerably lesser cost than was the case previously — bringing it within the financial reach of all businesses. Highly sophisticated, user-friendly, PC-based database and communications software packages are now comparable in cost with Microsoft Word — in fact, Microsoft is one of their many large users and advocates.

Finally, Enright Hendy & Partners can provide a staff management program that can considerably enhance selection and on-going management of personnel. It is particularly invaluable in attaining substantial improvements in manager, sales and telemarketer performance, and is used by organisations such as American Express, Dept. of Education, ICI Australia, Microsoft and Regent Hotels.