Just Natural

"Just Natural: The malt and honey milk drink with just a hint of chocolate" (1984 to current)

  • Flavoured milk drinks had not been able to consolidate a stable, let alone growing position in the Australian market, against their heavily promoted and effectively marketed carbonated soft drink competitors. Because their suppliers were largely dairy manufacturing co-operatives with relatively limited marketing skills, they failed to make in roads to Coke's "strangle hold" on the market. Little was known of the product categories' potential appeals to the unidentified market segments, so invariably a generic product-performance approach was taken to the "all people" mass consumer marketing that was done. "Move's" launch was the first professionally developed strategy to succeed and highlight the inappropriateness of the previous decades' unsuccessful attempts. It was positioned against the teens. Later "Breaka" was launched successfully against the male (specifically blue-collar) market segment, and enjoyed wide male appeal because of their being no closely competing brand with a strongly adult male positioning.
  • Again, early analysis suggested there to be a significantly large health-conscious, male and (particularly) female consumer market wanting to consume a healthy natural milk drink.
  • Early research carried by Enright Hendy & Partners principal suggested a widely accepted consumer perception that a milk drink of malt and honey flavour with minimal chocolate would be both healthy and tasty. So the product was created and the pack was designed to communicate those attributes in the most natural style possible, against the very artificial packaging of its heavily promoted and discounted national brands.
  • Concurrently, we recommended there was no need for conventional media advertising to launch the product. Instead, PR and Point of Sale material highlighting the natural malt and honey flavourings and no artificial ingredients, would grow the market very effectively and protect the "Just Natural" brand franchise from the heavily promoted artificially flavoured brands.
  • The research also confirmed the strategy could deliver a price-premium of 10% above the other brands in the market from the identified significant market segment.


  • The brand was relaunched in 1982 in Queensland and immediately established itself as being highly profitable for both manufacturer and retailer.
  • Subsequently the brand has moved to occupy that same position on the national market, being almost impervious to attacks from the higher volume, heavily promoted and discounted market leaders. It is the only brand to have achieved that position and sustained it for nearly 2 decades.