kenologoTo undertake this work, Enright Hendy & Partners successfully applied the following strategically developed communications tools with the nominated outcomes:

  • Market research to understand the key to successfully position Keno against the competitive more active gaming options.
  • Keno brand advertising integrated with a strong retail print and radio campaign supporting on-premise incentive-driven staff and consumer promotions.
  • Enright Hendy & Partners produced and placed as many as 15 newspaper and 5 radio advertisements in regional and suburban media across Queensland each week. As well, 1 x 60s, 2 x 45s, 2 x 30s and 3 x 15s brand TVC's were produced and placed on metropolitan and regional television networks.
  • Enright Hendy & Partners planned and placed via Zenith media (Australia's largest media buying agency), a launch advertising campaign of $3.4 million.

Post-campaign unprompted awareness of Keno achieved 68% in the defined target market. Revenues achieved were 10% lower than the projections - that were somewhat optimistically set, without the input of research.