Sales Training Programs

Customer Relationship Initiation and Sales Training

Sales people resisting "cold calling" or exhibiting a reluctance to sell?

Ineffective closing?

Staff with no sense of urgency or insensitive to customers needs?

Customer feedback being so negative, as to effect the overall business performance?

Enright Hendy & Partners (EH&P) has developed and implemented Customer Relationship Initiation and Sales Training Programs for all levels of customer contact (and support) personnel, from dispatch, transport, counter and call centre staff to sales representatives, territory managers and senior account and channel managers.

As well, we have designed and implemented database management, communications, remuneration and benchmarking strategies and processes to support and manage the above program implementations. We undertake this work in a manner consistent with the client organisations Corporate, Business and Marketing Objectives and Strategies in a manner that recognises the organisations values.

In developing any benchmarking program, we recognise it is essential that the start point be the objectives of the processes to be benchmarked. This is particularly necessary when benchmarking call centres.

For example, a call centre whose primary objective is to respond to customers' problems and information needs to preserve the customers' relationships with the organisation, would have totally different benchmarking criteria from a call centre whose role is to generate sales. The activities of any one call centre can be as varied as these two.

We also understand that the intensity of activity of the call centre varies significantly through the year as a result of the organisation's customer relationship changing in nature across the year.

Equally importantly, we understand many organisations who retain us are likely to have only recently committed to "customer service excellence" delivery to achieve "best quality relationships".

In these circumstances, we recognise the organisation is in a transition process. It is often moving from being a largely reactive and/or slow change organisation responding to client demand, to endeavouring to anticipate client demand and successfully manage and exceed their expectations. Invariably the organisation is wishing to secure customer's business loyalty by proactively taking a "value-adding" approach to the supply of their services and products.

Moving from the former reactive to the proposed customer-centric proactive approach, is often being accompanied by some human resource/organisational structure change and/or planned processes and infrastructure (Customer Relationship Management System) to support the required behaviour change.

Customer Service, Sales and Account Management training and Customer Relationship Management options are being considered. Enright Hendy & Partners can demonstrate its uniquely effective approach in the training manuals produced to support the programs custom-designed for its clients.

The significant program-design implication of the above understanding is that from the client/prospect perspective, to achieve service excellence, a supplier's staff should be able to appreciate the value of the prospect/client's relationship with them, at any point of contact the prospect/client chooses to make with the supplier's business.

Finally, the programs must be accountable and be based upon a balance between progressive internal benchmarking and externally appropriate comparisons. In progressively benchmarking the outcomes, we need to recognise customers' expectations in relation to service delivery will grow over time in response to the improvement in service delivery by businesses generally.